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Saturday night is the night when lots of folks like to go out with their friends, or engage in other activities that don't lend themselves to listening to some guy talking on the radio. And, SnowWhiteFM is not the kind of show you can turn on at the party, while everybody else is talking. I't's a show with ideas, stories, and other intriguing verbal content that you would miss if you were listening in that setting.

Rockin Steady

Steve returns to join the Snowman during the first hour this week on SnowWhiteFM. Steve and the Snowman were college roommates, and know lots of good, encriminating dirt on one another. Bringing that up from time to time seems to defy resistance. So, there are always plenty of quirky stories about life in the good old days. And, there is a great playlist shaping up, and you are the vbeneficiary, as Steve and The Snowman role the hits, and chat about the music, and the unexpected memories the music evokes.
It is live radio, being produced exactly as you listen.

Sam Britton Joins The Snowman

This week, on SnowWhiteFM, Saturday evening, the first hour will feature a lively and thoughtful conversation with Sam Britton, owner and operator of Missouri Liberty Radio. Sam is a bright guy, with a lot of good insight. And, when he and the Snowman join up in conversation, lots of thought provoking things tend to come up. And, whatever is being discussed, multiple sides of that issue will be considered. And, the Twitter connection will be open, so you can chime in. Not only that, but there will also be plenty of good time music of the 60's and 70's to go along with it.

Rockin' Steady On Saturday, Earth Day.

Steve from Ohio joins the Snowman during the first hour tonight, and the focus is on happy, happenin' music from the 60's and 70's, especially selected to meet the approval of the hosts. You will like it, because it will be all good stuff. . On this show, we never say, anything goes. We dont' provide something for everybody. We provide the stuff we like best, and believe that people who like our music, will like our show too.

The Snowman Celebrates Easter Eve

This Saturday evening, on SnowWhiteFM, it is Easter Eve, and we're celebrating the occasion.

March 4 Show Canceled

SnowWhiteFM for March 4 was canceled. It was the perfect storm. It's just that none of us appreciated it that much.
Steve came down ill just moments before the show, and wisely decided to take the night off.
And, at sign on time, we discovered that a serious computer malfunction had managed to trade around some of the installed drive letters. So, our music was on a different drive than our library expected it should be, which meant that it could not be played.
All of that created a regrettable mess, which prevented the program from transpiring this week.

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, The holidays are over, and we're back in the swing of things. You'll find the Snowman Radio back on the air, and up to it's usual tricks.
In hour one, Steve joins me, and we share our personal stories, plus, indulge in the ways in which others have bad days that are worse than our own. We regail one another with our brillian trivia questions, and make fun of the wacky news. All of that comes punctuated with a great selection of good old tunes from the 60's and 70's, and stories from the old days.

New Year's Even With The Snowman

Happy New Year!


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