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Snowman Turns 65

The Snowman turns 65 on Sunday, and who knows what that might mean. There's a small party on the air Saturday evening at 8:00 eastern standard. . There'll be guests, and probably cookies and broccoli. So, it's okay for you to come and join in the frivalities. the food is free.

A Happier, Kinder, Gentler Snowman Radio

I have decided that serious commentary on provocative subjects such as politics and culture, detracts from the overall happy groove of my show. So, that content will be absent from future programs, making them more consistent with the overall Mushroom format. Such content, if any is created, might be podcasted to interested parties, and only mentioned very briefly in the main show, just to give non-subscribers a chance to nip in if they want. . That will free up the main program to be more light hearted, and happy, not dark and depressing. And I like that.

SRB Replays Completed

The test replay of the old Snowman Radio Broadcasts has reached a logical conclusion, and will be discontinued. If you wish to access the complete archive of all 81 half hour segments, you will find a link to a site where you can acquire them. Go down to about the fourth heading on:

The Old Snowman Radio Broadcast is being rePlayed

Back in 1999, some friends were starting an internet radio station, and they needed content. So, the Snowman, host of SnowWhiteFM here on the Mushroom, created a pre-recorded talk show to help fill the void. While exampels of the Snowman's production are plentiful throughout, the show was almost exclusively talk. But, it steared clear of divisive subjects like politics and religion. All voices heard during the show are that of the Snowman, including some very lively and animated exchanges.

Tuning In The World

Do you remember A.M radio? It was the way radio was done prior to 1970. And, we'll be talking about good old A.M, and listening to a few samples of incoming stations live during the first half hour of the Snowman Radio this week. Steve will be joining me, and I'll try to get him interested in the radio thing.
But, there's lots of great music too, the best the 60's and 70's can offer. And there's just no fun like the fun of two old guys playing their favorite music. We have fun, and hope our fun is contagious.

Plans for the November 18 Show

This week, November 18, the Snowman spends about 15 minutes demonstrating and commenting on his Sunu Band mobility aid, a new sonar device for locating objects in the environment. This informal segment will air sometime around the bottom of the first hour, which starts at 8PM Eastern on Saturday evening.

Summary of October 21 Show

Well, it was a pretty exciting show, broadcast on Saturday, October 21. SnowWhiteFM is broadcast live on Saturday evening.
This week, there was a significant thunderstorm during the show, which resulted in some significant disruptions, and even a very near miss lightning strike. Listen to the rain outside the Snowman's studio, as he welcomes the storm, and wrecklessly continues doing the broadcast, even as the electrical storm rages. It is boldness beyond belief, and more than a little dangerous.

September 23 Show

Last week, we talked a lot, about a topic that we wanted to get out there. But, this week, it's all about the music. Limited jabber, and Lots and lots of great tunes from the 60's and 70's. Put it on and let it play. Saturday night, starting at 8PM eastern.

Economic Independence For The Blind

On the show this week, Saturday September 16, the Snowman is flying solo. And, we'll spend much of the first hour discussing the process of preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment as a blind person. The Snowman, who has had the good fortune of having been able to do that, and stay continuously employed until his voluntary retirement, after over 40 years of work, offers his perspective of some of the pitfalls, and things to be aware of as you attempt to launch your own career. WE face special challenges when attempting to enter the work force. Not all the answers are here.

August 19 on SnowWhiteFM

Sam Britton joins me tonight, and their promises to be lots of lively conversation, punctuated by great music. No doubt, we will be discussing Charlottesville, and other recent protests, and you'll hear new, and thought provoking information that you will not hear via the main stream media. As usual, there is more to it than meets the eye. Come and ponder these issues with us, during the first hour of SnowWhiteFM, tonight, Saturday august 19, starting at 8PM Eastern.


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