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Getting a Teeny Bit Festive, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, once again, it's time for another episode of Come by the Hills, Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show! We've got our usual eclectic selection of great music along with our usual features, and we're slowly introducing festive favourites into the mix. One of the best things I've always loved about the holiday season is the lead-up to it, so over the next few weeks, we'll slowly be increasing the amount of holiday content in the show until our huge extravaganza on the eve of Christmas Eve!

Sara Smiles Going Live on Friday!

This is a very big deal! This coming Friday, November 23, 2018, is a special day on Sara Smiles, because for the first time ever, I'm going to do a completely live and unpredictable show! We'll have two hours of music from the four decades of magic mushroom memories as usual, but beyond that, one never knows what might happen. So, if you're interested in witnessing the insanity, feel free to tune in at 12:00 PM Eastern time on Friday and tweet and email me to your heart's content!

come along or Come again, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, before you know it, it will be time once again for Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show, known more familiarly as Come by the Hills! Whether you listen every week or whether this will be your first time tuning in, there'll be something for everyone. We'll have great Celtic music and all our usual features, including a brand new entry in "Me Music," this one composed by me at the suggestion of a listener! We'll have music to make you laugh, cry, chill out and stomp your feet. We can't do too much chilling out however, as that's The Snowman's job on Moon Dreams.

Lest We Forget, this Week on Come by the Hills

It's time once again to mark Remembrance Day on Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic Music show. We have several folk songs in honour of both World Wars as well as some very special poetry from a poet called Jack White, who once held the position of Regimental Bard with the Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders. I hope you'll join me as we join with millions of people around the world to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War and pay tribute to those who have fought in other wars over the years.

More Great Celtic Music, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Please to remember the fourth of November... No, wait! That's not right, but what is right is that on Guy Fawkes Eve, there'll be Celtic music for the asking on Mushroom Fm's Premier Celtic Music Show! All our usual features are back, and we'll have three hours of folkish fun. Best of all, if you're in a part of North America which is switching to standard time this weekend, it'll feel like the show is on an hour earlier than usual. So, take advantage of the time change and hang out with us for a while.

It's a Spooktacular Halloween Special, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, once again it's time for Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show to celebrate Halloween, that most Celtic of nights, with three hours of songs and stories from myth and legend about witches and fairies, shades and shadows. Join me round the virtual camp fire as we drive away the dark and sit a while between autumn and winter, between life and death. It'll be a scarily fun show, I can assure you!

Another Celtic Cornucopia, this Week on Come by the Hills!

I'm pleased once again to bring you an episode of what has mysteriously come to be known as Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show, called in more common parliance Come by the Hills. All our features are in their proper places, including a nice "Celtic Cover" of a Bob Dylan tune, and lots more fun and fascinating music. As for the banter, you'll have to judge that for yourself.

Foolish Folkish Fun, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show, known as Come by the Hills in order to distinguish it from all the other Celtic music shows on the Home of the Fun Guys, is back for another week of great music and banter from yours truly, Sara Hillis. We've got all our usual features including a very special by-request installment of "Me Music" and an October-related "Celtic Cover." We'll even have a bit of folkish comedy for you to sample.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Eh? This Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it is a long weekend here in Canada, a weekend on which we give thanks for the harvest and celebrate by eating a lot of food and having a lovely time with family and/or friends. I think that having an attitude of gratitude, as some self-help books put it, is very important all year round, but I'm reminded this weekend of how thankful I am for the ability to do this show. Mushroom Fm has allowed me to live a small dream that I've had, that of doing a show about the music I love most in the world, and for that I'm very grateful indeed.

Stretching the Boundaries, this Week on Come by the Hills!

come by the Hills is back for another week, and we've got some new music that will stretch the boundaries of the show's primary focus. It is described as a Celtic Music Show, but the Celts lived in so many places and traded and fought and dealt with so many different cultures during their rovings across Europe that there is likely no such thing as a purely Celtic kind of music.


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