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It’s Christmas time in the Shed.

That’s right, all the decorations are up, and check out the huge Christmas tree in the corner!
The Shed is completely transformed for the month of December.
Because of this, all you’ll hear is Christmas music, with a few Christmas stories added in for good measure.
The doors open later tonight from 11 PM Eastern time, that’s 5 PM Sunday afternoon here in New Zealand and 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK.
No special features this month, but plenty of time to get in your Christmas requests.
Just simply e-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com

It’s almost that time already?

The Shed is opening up again in less than an hour!
That’s right, tonight at 11 Pm Eastern, that’s 5 PM Sunday in New Zealand, and 4 AM in the UK, I’ll be back. What a scary thought.
I’ll be back to talk about my week, play a triple threat, and another live and loud segment, and of course your requests are welcome.
To contact me e-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or fine me on Twitter: @kiwisnake

Madness in the shed?

At 11pm Eastern tonight, that’s 5 Pm Sunday afternoon in new Zealand, and 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, the Shed opens up yet again.
The triple Threat is back, so is the Live and Loud Segment.
Plenty of music, from all over the place as usual, in other words, madness.
Your requests are welcome by e-mailing: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or you can find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake

The Shed is opening in an hour.

That’s right, it’s almost 11 Pm Eastern on a Saturday night, 5 PM Sunday afternoon here in New Zealand, and 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK.
So the rusty old shed door will be creaking open with four fun filled music hours ahead.
I actually think the Shed needs a new door to be honest, It’s almost as if it’s hasn’t been open for two weeks.
Oh wait...
After the Kiwi special two weeks ago, the regular show returns, with the Triple Threat, and the Live and Loud segment, and of course your request.
E-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com

It’s party time in the shed.

Over the last six weeks or so, most New Zealanders have been waking up early, shouting and cheering at TV screens all over the country.
It has been the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and the All Blacks, (the national team of New Zealand) were the current world champs heading into it.
We were all hoping come the 31st of October, the All Blacks would still be world champions after winning this year’s final, and become the first nation to win back to back Rugby World Cups.
The match has just finished, and success! Our boys are world champs again.

Come join the pre-party in the shed

On the 19th of October, a long, time ago, in a hospital far, far, away:
A little baby boy was born.
This very small and cute baby, grew and grew, very slowly, and even had people worried, until one day he started growing at an alarming rate!
So much so, he’s now banished to the shed every Saturday night from 11 Pm Eastern, that’s 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, and 4 Pm Sunday afternoon in New Zealand.
This once cute baby, is now a man, although cute isn’t perhaps the word I’d use to describe him...

Things are heating up in the shed.

What a week it’s been. Lovely and warm for pretty must all of New Zealand, and it’s still only spring.
Bring on summer, I say.
Do you have a favourite season? If so why?
I can’t promise the Air conditioning will behave itself when the Shed opens again this Saturday from 11 PM Eastern.
That’s 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, and 4 PM Sunday afternoon in good old New Zealand.
However, I can promise another Triple Threat, and the Live and Loud segment.
Not to forget, the music will be all over the place like usual.

What do I do when the shed is quiet?

As I’m sitting here writing this, it’s Saturday morning here in New Zealand.
I’m contemplating , life, the universe, and how good this bottle of Martian water tastes like…
Hang on, what?
Martian water?
Uh oh, it’s happening again.
I don’t like quiet sheds, and makes me say and do strange things.
Only last night, I tried singing, at the top of my voice, “Fish heads, fish head, roly poly, fish heads, fish heads, eat them up yum!”
Eat them up, yum? I hate fished heads.
It all keeps adding up, I think I’m cracking up.

I’ve lost an hours sleep, will you help me stay awake?

With so many cool things in this shed of mine, it’s fair to say I practically live in it, and with my shiny new iPhone 6s Plus, I’ve been peeking and popping the last few days.
I went to bed quite happy last night, however when I eventually woke up I found that New Zealand has done a little time travel. One hour to be exact.
For the rest of the world, what does this actually mean for you?

Come and have a drink in The Shed

From 11 Pm Eastern today, that’s 4 am Sunday morning in the UK, and 3 PM Sunday afternoon in Wonderful New Zealand, the Shed is opening up for yet another four hours.
Feel free to have a few quiet ones, while you listen to the Triple Threat, The Live and Loud segment, and other people’s requests.
No need to worry if you start staggering around the shed, it’ll go well with the music, which is generally all over the place! A lot like me, you see.
Did I mention the Rugby World Cup has started? I’ll try not to talk about it too much, for this week at least.


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