Waves Over the Sea

Welcome to our page. We’re so pleased you dropped by. Put your feet up and make yourself at home. I’m Sabrina by the way, he’s Gordon. I’m Irish he’s Scottish. We love good music and that’s what you’ll find each week on our show Waves Over the Sea.

Despite being separated by a narrow channel of water the music and people of Ireland and Scotland share a rich culture of great tunes, fantastic culture and a warm welcome to friends and strangers alike.

Whether you’re a fan of the dynamic sound of U2, the haunting voice of Mary Black to the jingly jangly pop sensations that were the Bay City Rollers or the classy sound of Gerry Rafferty the music of Ireland and Scotland has played a major role across the musical landscape for decades. Throw on top of that the vibrant folk and country scenes in both countries and you can see why these two small nations in size are so disproportionately influential on music today.

Each week we get to delve deep into these influences. And of course as our show goes out live on a Friday night, at 4 pm Eastern (that’s 9 pm in Dublin and Edinburgh) we can also get to let our hair down (well one of us still can!) Thus we get to play some other great tunes that will get your feet tapping and will start your weekend in just the right manner.

We do also like to chat or as they say in this part of the world a wee bit of craic! We’re both passionate about sport and each week we’ll take a wee look forward to what’s on offer over the forthcoming weekend. I like a bit of telly too so I’ll let you know what’s “a must watch”.

Getting in Touch

We’d love to hear from you during the show so please get in touch. You can do so in a number of ways.

Primarily twitter is best especially if you use the #MushroomFM hash tag. In that way fellow listeners can join in the banter too. You can of course mention us if you wish either by using @Sab_Mc for myself or @GordonLuke for my Scottish friend.

If you’re not a twittery sort of person you can use e-mail. Send a wee message to sabrina@mushroomFM.com or gordon@mushroomFM.com and that should spring him into action.

If you’re not able to catch the show live it’s repeated on Sundays at 1 am Eastern (that’s 6 am in Dublin and Edinburgh). We’d love to hear from you during that time too as I’ll be awake and able to interact with you on twitter. As for my co-host, he needs all the beauty sleep he can get at his age. Let’s face it, it’s a miracle he’s still awake at the end of our live show as it’s way past his bedtime!!

Hey – I nearly forgot to tell you a wee bit about ourselves.

Sabrina McKiernan

I was born and still live in the most southern county of Ireland Kerry, also known as the ‘Kingdom’ for it’s lakes, beaches and mountains. It’s probably no surprise that my musical roots are steeped in Irish traditional and folk. However, I also have a love for country as my Dad comes from the north-east of Ireland where country is king. I come from a family of singers and musicians. Over the years having played keyboards, flute and accordion, but my first love has always been voice and that is my main instrument. I’ve studied classical and being the diverse singer I am, can competently sing other genres.

My dad introduced me to radio, but it was in 2010 I discovered internet Radio. MushroomFM was the first station I ever listened to. I remember being really struck by the interaction between the presenter and the listener. I’ve also enjoyed the fantastic virtual events MushroomFM has put on over the years.

I feel very privileged and lucky to be getting this opportunity of co-presenting a show on the station. I thank Gordon, Jonathan and all the fun-guy-team and to you the listener, I hope you will enjoy the music and entertainment I bring to you each week.

Gordon Luke

At last – I get to get a word in! Is this the shape of things to come?

I'm Gordon Luke former co-host of the popular Live Through the Luking Glass show which was a favourite on Mushroom FM since 2010. My co-host on that show John Glass has been nagging me to get back into radio for some time now and when young Sabrina came to me with her idea for a joint show I jumped at the idea. I mean she’s young, enthusiastic, has a beautiful voice and even comes with a full head of hair – clearly Mr Glass had to go!!!

Seriously though it’s fun presenting with Sabrina and it’s interesting just how wide a canvas our two nations cover. You all know me as someone who loves to play beltingly good tunes and that promise still holds with this show.

So pull up a chair, crack open a bottle of something nice and join us each week. You are all very welcome! Let us all get the weekend off to a flying start on MushroomFM!