Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show with Sara Hillis

About Me

My name is Sara Hillis and I am a musician from Canada. My primary musical genre is Celtic Folk music, but I enjoy both playing and listening to a wide range of artists and styles. I also have a Masters degree in English Literature, and I'm married to a wonderful man.

About The Show

Join me each Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern for three magical hours of music both traditional and inspired by tradition from the Celtic lands.

From Cork to Cape Breton, from Wales to Winnipeg, this music has traveled the globe in a way that few other folk traditions have. In danger of dying out several times, it has always been preserved against all odds, and has represented the people who created it even when their languages and rights were suppressed by conquerors and colonizers alike.

It chronicles both joy and sorrow, both defiance and love, and though it is sometimes heart-breaking, it is always beautiful.

Show Features

The show has lots of fun features for you to enjoy.

Celtic Covers

This is where I play either a Pop artist's take on a Celtic song or a Celtic artist's take on a Pop song. Also, I occasionally do simple version comparisons and other fun thinngs which loosely fit the definition of a cover.

Fiddlin' Around

This is an uninterrupted set of fiddle tunes guaranteed to make you dance all night!

Me Music

This feature is exactly what it says on the tin. You will be subjected to a song composed and recorded by me every week. Don't worry though, because this means you'll get special insider previews of any new songs I'm working on and of course, you'll get to have your say on whether they're good or not. This feature was encouraged by listeners such as yourself, so if the music is aweful, feel free to castigate them. (If you need castigation lessons, I charge a small fee.)

What if You Can't Tune in on Sunday?

If you miss the show on Sunday night, you can always catch a replay on the following Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern. While this may be too early for us here in Canada and the US, it does allow our UK listeners to tune in at a more reasonable time of day.

As always, keep up-to-date with Mushroom FM activities at our schedule page, which can be found here.

How to Contact Me

I look forward to sharing my love of Celtic music with you each week, and I'm always happy to hear from you with any ideas or requests you might have.

While this show is not presented live, I will be available during its time-slot and throughout the week by both Email and Twitter.


Contact me by email at S A R A at Mushroom Fm Dot Com (spelled that way to thwart spammers.)


Or if you prefer Twitter, feel free to follow me at sarahillismusic, and don't forget the Mushroom Fm hashtag when tweeting about the show!

Web Site

You might also like to check out my musical web site by clicking here.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy!