Oh Lorde, watch out for the Green Light in the Shed.

The green light means go!
So from 11pm Eastern later on this Saturday, that’s 5pm Sunday in New Zealand and 4am Sunday in the UK, let’s all go and meet in the Shed.
It’ll be four fun filled, or is that four scary filled hours of music.
As you know I never do what I’m told, so I don’t stick to a format. I play whatever I want, and a lot of that is whatever comes into my head at the time.
If you’d rather control what I play then I guess I can handle that, but first I have two conditions.
If you wish to control what I play then send in your requests to anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake
The only thing for certain is when you enter the shed at some point you will hear a triple threat, and a live and loud segment. The rest, is like the great unknown.
So look out for the Green light, because that’s your queue to join me. No need to be shy!
Look forward to seeing ya!