The Chords this week on The Juke in the Back

This week’s “Juke In The Back” digs deep into a group that is usually only remembered for one, incredibly influential tune, “Sh-Boom.”  The Chords cut that tune in 1954, right at the height of America’s fear of the Atomic Bomb and this song did more for helping to launch rock n’ roll than almost any other. In fact, the title “Sh-Boom” was meant to simulate the sound of an A-Bomb explosion.  Even though their label didn’t believe in “Sh-Boom,” they just couldn’t stop it, but unfortunately, they didn’t do much to promote The Chords subsequent releases.  They were forced to change their name to The Chordcats, due to a lawsuit and then dropped that name in favor of The Sh-Booms.   Matt The Cat digs up the story behind the story of The Chords and their great recordings on this episode of the “Juke In The Back”, Saturday afternoon at 03:00 PM Eastern with an encore presentation Thursday morning at 04:00 AM Eastern on Mushroom FM, the home of the fun guys, making four decades of magic mushroom memories!