All systems go at Mushroomstock 2016

Are you excited yet?
It's now only a few mere hours until we can finally unleash Mushroomstock 2016 upon you.

All sounds checks have now been completed and have gone relatively trouble free bar a bit of an issue yesterday, as our opening act ran through their set.
I had fully intended to post a blog from the venue yesterday, but with the chaos that ensued around here , involving the emergency services and the military, I was a little side tracked.

The main problem was when our opening artist decided that they needed that big WOW moment in their set.
So they decided to introduce some pyrotechnics!!
We did suggest that in the past there has been the odd issue with bands using too much explosives and, that we really would prefer that no pyrotechnics were used, at all.
This caused one of those awkward moments, where refusing to appear became a distinct possibility.
In the end we relented though.
So the sound check with pyros went ahead.
It was really at this point, our worst fears were realised.
In the ensuing explosion as the pyros went off.
All the seats in the first 7 rows were taken out by the shock wave from the blast.
Though to be honest the seats from rows 3 to 7 got off relatively lightly, as they wrre only blown down and relocated a couple of metres away from their previous posistion.
Wheres the first 2 rows actually got a little singed!!
Now before there is mass panic, if you are sitting in the first 7 rows.
The seats were only a little singed, nothing major!!
We have taken precautions, with the fitting of a pop up shield to prevent the fireball reaching these seats tomorrow.
Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing we can do about the shockwave from the blast.
All we can really suggest is that if you have a seat anywhere in rows 1-7 you may wish to take your seats after the first set, as no admissions will be allowed during the sets.
We can however, provide plenty of temporary alternative seating for you as we have a huge amount of toilets on site.
Alternatively if you do decide to take your chances by taking your seat, though if you wear false dentures, a toupe' or are pregnant.
Then, can I respectfully request, for your own safety, that at around 1 to 2 minutes into the opening song.
Please place your head between your legs and hope for the best!!
Preferably your own legs.
It's not that kind of festival.

On site there are numerous food courts and refreshment tents.
We do request that those of you partaking in beverages, will all drink responsibly
Spillages will not be tolerated as only encourges people to lick the floors and almost certainly sets a really bad example to your Dog!!

During the acts, we do encourage you to dance and sing at the top of your voice.
We do not however encourage topless singing.
It's very important to make that distinction!!

A special note also to the ladies and some of you more outgoing gents.
The throwing of undergarments during certain acts connot be condoned.
These small items though appearing totally harmless when used in the proper way.
Can cause a severe trip hazard or could cause an equipment failure for the artists.
Let's face it, if the g string snaps in your face it's not much fun and may cause the song to go out of tune.
That's not good for anyone.
So please, dont throw them, no matter what designer make they may be!!

Finally we all at Mushroomfm sincerely hope that you all have a fabulous and unforgettable experience at Mushroomstock 2016.
We have 20 World class acts all ready and waiting to keep you thoroughly entertained for 10hrs.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Right I'm off for a lie down after being up all night trying to convince the Military that the explosions, were in fact!!
Not an invasion from a foreign superpower.
Though i have to admit I could see where they were coming from with so many Japanese sponsors on site!!

Have a good day

John Glass