News from Mushroomstock 2016

Well folks it's a busy old day here.
All preparations are now done.
As mentioned the other day.
The stage, sound and lighting are in place.
Work has now been completely finished on the boat jetty behind the stage, that the artists will arrive and depart from the stage.
All of the tented village, housing food and refreshments are now also ready and in place.
From early this morning we've had some of the artists appearing, flying in on their Helicopters.
The field to the West of the arena now resembles an Airport.
The fleet of Limos' and shuttle boats have work perfectly so far and we hope they continue to do so.
All this activity, is of course for sound checks and final rehearsals.
We've managed to have a complete run throughof of 10 of artists.
How did it go?
How did it sound?
What did they play?
Who are they?
Well things went pretty smoothly and mostly glitch free, bar a couple of very small issues.
As far as the sound goes!!
The sets sounded simply simply incredible and packed full of real fan favourites plus the odd surprise.
As for who they are!!
Well, I'm afraid the only way to find that out is join all the Fun guys here this coming Saturday on at 8am Eastern (1pm UK)
This promises to be an absolutely sensasational event you really, realy, really don't want to miss!!!
I'm so excited and can't wait for the rest of the sound checks tomorrow.
Did I mention, there's now only 3 days to go?
It's getting real close now!!
Remember it all kicks off at 8am Eastern (1pm UK) , with lots of the Fun guys, Jonathon Mosen, Gordon Luke and myself.
John Glass
See you all there!!