The Great Sara Hillis Show Experiment

Yes, for some unfathomable reason, the Fungal Powers That Be have agreed to let me keep doing my crazy mixed-up musical show on the weekdays. In fact, starting today, the have agreed to let me lengthen and longthen it by one whole hour! Yes, that's right! From Monday to Thursday of this week, the Sara Hillis Show will begin at 3:00 PM Eastern and run until 5:00 PM.

On Friday, just to give you all a break, there will be an expurgated version (no Gannets, I promise!) at the usual time of 4:00 PM Eastern. This is only a test, however. It may be that I shall be muzzled after this week's silliness. You just never know.

So, enjoy the experiment right along with me! And remember, there's no fighting in here. This is the war room.