From the shed, to the Mushroom Flyer

I love my shed, but I love trains even more.
So much so, from 1AM Eastern Sunday, that’s 6AM Sunday in the UK, and 5Pm Sunday in New Zealand, I’m going to be treating you to an all-nighter party on the Mushroom Flyer!
It’s going to be so exciting!
Four whole hours, where I’ll be playing plenty of upbeat music, and dancing is a requirement!
There will be plenty of interaction on Twitter: @kiwisnake
And via e-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
However, the fun doesn’t stop there. I have plenty of prizes to give away too!
Speaking of prizes, have you registered for a seat on the Mushroom Flyer? I hope so, as you need to be registered to win!
If not, there is still time, So head on over to and be in it to win it!
Catch ya on the train, I’m off to pack!