Come party in the shed.

Are you stuck for things to do?
Are you having a few mineral waters, and want to keep the evening going?
Perhaps you’re outside enjoying the sun, and want some music to keep you company.
Or maybe, just maybe you want to hear my voice? Well, perhaps not that one...
If you answered yes to any or all of those, tune in tonight from 11pm Eastern, as the Shed doors open up for another week.
If you’re listening from new Zealand, please note, the start time is 4pm because of the time change in North America last week.
This also means for the UK listeners I’m on at 3am your time.
Confused? Yeah, me too...
However, I actually know some stuff.
Stuff like, this show will last for four hours.
There will be a triple threat and a live and loud segment.
There will even be plenty of time for your requests, in fact, the more requests the better.
I even know how you can contact the show.
E-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or on Twitter: @kiwisnake with the #MushroomFM hash tag of course.
Look forward to seeing ya, like real soon!