Power in the Shed this evening!

Nothing like wonderful power, I say.
Referring to electricity of course, it’s sorta kinda important, you know.
And due to its absence last week, which meant I was also absent , but the power is back and so am I!
From 11PM Eastern tonight, that’s 4AM Sunday morning in the UK, 5PM Sunday afternoon here in New Zealand, I’m here to power my way through four hours of music, Madness, Mayhem, and everything in between.
The triple threat, and Live and Loud segments make a powerful return, but wait of course there is more.
You also hold some power, and you can use this power by interacting with the show, having fun, and even sending in requests.
Just e-mail anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or on Twitter: @KiwiSnake , with the #MushroomFM hash of course.
Look forward seeing you there from 11PM Eastern tonight!