Deep Dive drinks whisky on a Sunday

This week on Deep Dive we enjoy the harmonic talents of the Canadian band the Irish Rovers. We meet the wild rover, share the problem of the orange and the green, and hear of the sad demise of the unicorn.

Tune in at 4 PM Monday Eastern, which in these topsy-turvy periods changes is 7 AM Tuesday in most of Eastern Australia. Or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which ends up being 9 PM in most of Eastern Australia. Have a little chat with your SmartSpeaker of choice and tell it to play Mushroom FM, and it will whisk you there quicker than you can say Lilly The Pink. Listen to the show and you will work out why I use that phrase.

Deep Dive is the show where we focus on one artist for one hour. And you can only hear it on Mushroom FM, home of the fun guys. Join me there this week for a bit of Irish roving.