Live Folkish Fun, this Week on Come by the Hills, and Sara Smiles Returns!

Greetings! I'm back from the land of lost voices with a brand new, and live, episode of Come by the Hills this week, in which there will be songs about coming, songs about going, songs about trees and flowers, and one song about the road not taken. I'll also have a very special request to fulfill, and right near the beginning of the show, I'm going to play a really cool bit from Joni Mitchell's recent live album which we played a few weeks ago, but which I just think is an amazing bit of communal performance. In fact, I'm rather obsessed with it at the moment. It's seven minutes of pure awesomeness!

Catch the live version of Come by the Hills on Saturday at 2:00 PM Eastern, or check out the replay on Tuesday at 5:00 AM Eastern. The show will also be available for on-demand listening at However and whenever you listen, I hope you'll enjoy it. But wait! There's More!

I would like to say thank you very much to Jonathan Mosen for taking over the Sara Smiles time-slot over the past week. He has a hugely busy schedule, and I'm very grateful to him. Now, I get to walk back into that time-slot and see if he's rearranged the furniture or left any chocolate fish lying about or anything. If nothing has exploded, I will be with you again on Sara Smiles as of Monday at midnight eastern. Hurray! Till we meet on the radio, or the internet or something, be safe and keep well!