Deep Dive is still willing

This week on Deep Dive we feature the powerful and beautiful voice of Linda Ronstadt. We learn that it's so easy to fall in love, hear about tumblin dice, and go back to blue bayu.

Join me at 4 PM Eastern Monday, which as the clocks start to move becomes 7 AM Tuesday in Eastern Australia. Or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which is now 9 PM in Eastern Australia.

An Australian listener has requested Linda Ronstadt, a request to which I was very happy to accede. So Bruce joins us as well. You can also request an artist or band by emailing me with their name, your favourite songs, and some of your memories of them. And if you attach a sound file to your email you can join me in the Backpack studio and on the show.

We are on Apple Music now, so ask your SmartThing to play Mushroom FM and you will be transported there. And our jingle will tell you have arrived.

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