Time Tunnel Tunes tries to trick you once again and gives a nod to the Boss Man!

It’s time for another edition of Time Tunnel Tunes with your eager host, me, Geno J! I have a great show in-store for you all and do hope you can join me, tomorrow at 8 pm Eastern for what’s sure to be another unforgettable episode!

This week on Time Tunnel Tunes, I’ve got another year for you all to guess! What year is it you ask? Well, if I told you that wouldn’t be any fun now would it? What I can tell you is this weeks’ Time Tunnel Twin Spin is on ‘the boss man’ himself, Bruce Springsteen! Not only that, but I also will be joined by a special guest toward the end of the show too. If t hat isn’t enough, I’ll have your clues and hints to the year, as well as plenty of friendly banter to boot!

Thus, if all this sound like fun, I encourage you to tune in tomorrow for another epic episode of Time Tunnel Tunes! If you’d like to get in touch, or even perhaps guess the year, there are a few ways to do so! You can email me GenoJ(at)MushroomFM(dot)com, which is the easiest! Of course, you can also tweet me at @ItsJustGenoJ on Twitter. Just remember though to use that #MushroomFM hashtag, so that others can join in on the conversation too! Finally, there is my personal website as well. You can visit ItsJustGenoJ.com and find other ways of reaching out to me as well.

Again, it all happens tomorrow, Wednesday (October 7th, 2020) at 8 pm Eastern with a replay on Saturday (October 10th, 2020) at 6 am Eastern, on the home to the fun guys, playing four fabulous decades of memories, MushroomFM!