Another Sunday, More Great Celtic Music, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, Mushroom Fm's premier Celtic music show is back for another week. Never mind that it's Mushroom Fm's only Celtic music show. Go big or Go home, I say. Accordingly, we'll be coming to you again on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, right after Airplay Rewind, with three hours of folky favourites from around the world, with a healthy dose of Canadian music in the mix as usual. We'll be revisiting a lovely Beatles cover in honour of the recently-announced Abbey Road remix which is due to come out this September, and in general, it'll be a great time as always.

Catch the Celtic fever on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, or check out the replay on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland. Also, there is an archive of the show available at However and whenever you listen, I hope you'll have a splendid time!