Come join the pre-party in the shed

On the 19th of October, a long, time ago, in a hospital far, far, away:
A little baby boy was born.
This very small and cute baby, grew and grew, very slowly, and even had people worried, until one day he started growing at an alarming rate!
So much so, he’s now banished to the shed every Saturday night from 11 Pm Eastern, that’s 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, and 4 Pm Sunday afternoon in New Zealand.
This once cute baby, is now a man, although cute isn’t perhaps the word I’d use to describe him...
He’s decided to start celebrating his 17th 21st, birthday party early, and would like it if you could join him.
He’s even providing the music, including something called a Triple Threat, and a Live and Loud segment.
He’s also inviting you to request songs, so he doesn’t have an opportunity to drink anything.
He can be contacted by e-mailing: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or you can find him on Twitter: @kiwisnake
And perhaps someday soon, he’ll stop talking in the third person, although this is Anthony after all....