It's Friday Fun on The Sara Hillis Show!

Today on The Sara Hillis Show, as well as our usual mix of magic mushroom memories and mediocre musings from me, we're going to devote our back-to-back music mixes to novelty songs! Yes, on this and every Friday, we'll be dipping into the novelty vault for fun and interesting things which are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least just scratch your head and say: "Now why on earth did they decide to do this one?" Today, we have some Spike Jones and some Little Jimmy Dickens in the first hour, and in the second hour, we're making a departure to do what I've always wanted to do. We'll be playing an original song and its sequel back to back. This isn't exactly novelty, but I think it dances along the boundaries, and that is what we do here on The Sara Hillis Show. We dance along the boundaries of life, living on the edge and all that.

So why not hang out with me for a bit of Friday fun? You can catch me at 12:00 PM Eastern on Friday, or if your Friday's not quite done even though the clock on the wall says it is, I'm also around at 12:00 AM Eastern on Saturday morning!