I’ve lost an hours sleep, will you help me stay awake?

With so many cool things in this shed of mine, it’s fair to say I practically live in it, and with my shiny new iPhone 6s Plus, I’ve been peeking and popping the last few days.
I went to bed quite happy last night, however when I eventually woke up I found that New Zealand has done a little time travel. One hour to be exact.
For the rest of the world, what does this actually mean for you?
Not a great deal really. The show will still start at 11 PM Eastern later tonight, 4am Sunday morning in the UK, but for little old New Zealand it will now be 4 Pm Sunday afternoon instead of 3.
After consulting my doctor, Simon Oliver sparrow, (SOS) for short, he suggested I enlist the help of the listeners to keep myself awake, to give my body clock time to adjust.
Such a wise old man is Mr. Sparrow.
So if you’d care to join me, it would be marvellous.
I’ll even play some songs that mentioned time, daylight, or clocks.
The Triple Threat will be ticking away, and so will the Live and Loud Segment.
Surely that’ll keep me awake right?
If not, feel free to send me requests, that should keep the doctor happy, and me awake.
E-mail anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or on Twitter: @kiwisnake
I’ll look forward to seeing you when the clock strikes 11 pm Eastern tonight, right here on Mushroom FM.