The G Spot

Music can do some strange things to you. It can bring you up and it can throw you right down. But every so often a piece of music comes along that simply takes you to another world. It soars, tantalises, throws you high in the air and puts you into a world where time is meaningless. You want the song to last forever, but fear it won’t. You savour every last drop of the experience and afterwards it leaves you drained but completely satisfied. When you find that song – you’ve found that elusive thing - a G Spot Song.

During each show we endeavour to find these songs and friends – I need your help as these songs are illusive but worth searching for.

What's your favourite decade for music? Is it the swinging 60s? Or perhaps the glam days of the 1970s? Or maybe it's the electronic sound of the 1980s? Or perhaps you like the more modern stuff? Well if you're anything like me the period which stands out is from 1970 to the end of the 1980s when so many great artists and bands were at the height of their musical powers. That friends is where we find the greatest G Spots.

About Myself

I'm Gordon Luke former co-host of the popular Live Through the Luking Glass show which was a favourite on Mushroom FM since 2010. My co-host on that show John Glass has been nagging me to get back into radio for some time now but the trouble is we're just so busy with work and John's attempt to make the 2022 Olympic Curling team. Thus to keep my hand in and to give John that gentle nag I thought it was time to make a come back and dive right into this radio lark again - but this time solo - well at least until John insists on taking over!

I've always loved radio and I enjoy playing some beltingly good tunes. That's what you'll hear on my shows - guaranteed!

The Show

The G Spot can be heard twice a week. Firstly on Wednesdays at 4PM Eastern (9PM UK time for those of you like me who live in the UK) repeating on Fridays at midnight Eastern (that's 5AM UK time on saturdays). The second show airs at 11PM Eastern on Saturdays (4AM UK time on Sundays), repeating at 4AM Eastern on Wednesdays (that's 9AM UK time). Both shows last two hours, are somewhat different but both contain some blisteringly fabulous tracks to keep you entertained - that's the G Spot guarantee!

During the show I'll play a wide range of fantastic music possibly including such spots as:

  • Album Archive - Each week we'll pick a favourite album, find out a bit more about it and play you a handpicked track each day.
  • Long Linger – we’ll search out these fantastic tunes that don’t often get played on the radio simply because they last for more than the standard 3 minutes and fully indulge ourselves for their full duration.
  • Scottish Sensation – being Scottish I find that most tracks have some Scottish connections and often are the ones with the greatest associated pleasure. Together we can try a few of them and see which ones really hit the right spot.

Getting in Touch

If you’ve got a suggestion for a tune which you think really hits the right spot or perhaps fits in with one of our features I'd be delighted to hear from you. You can either:

Looking forward to your company and together we can spend some time together searching for those illusive musical pleasure spots!