Mushroom Escape

Welcome to Mushroom Escape!

You are entering a world where the pictures are created by sounds; where things happen that could never happen on a screen. It's a world that will make you laugh; it will make you cry; it will make you think; and it will stretch your imagination.

The world of radio drama and comedy is vast. From the zany antics of Fibber McGee and Molly and the Goon Show, to the mystery and intrigue of Suspense, to the science fiction of EarthSearch, and so very much more, Mushroom Escape brings this world to you seven days a week in a way that will keep you coming back again and again for more.

The Mushroom Escape Difference

Why Mushroom Escape when there are already stations out there broadcasting old-time radio? Well, our difference is twofold.

First, there's dependability. We schedule our broadcasts by hand, so the series you here one day and time, you'll hear again the following week at that same day and time. Just like listeners knew they could tune in to Jack Benny every Sunday night at 7:00, we also have a schedule that you can refer to from week to week. Where possible, we even move chronologically through the series we present.Also, unlike most other old-time radio stations, we're not just american in scope. At least twenty-five percent of programming each and every day comes from the BBC. We also have programming from Australia, and who knows where we'll go for our programming in the future.

So have a look at our schedule, find something you like and enjoy Mushroom Escape.

A word About Stereotypes

Many of the programs heard on Mushroom Escape originated a half a century or more ago. Attitudes and social standards were different in those times from what they are today. In the course of your listening to Mushroom Escape, you may hear comments which were felt to be just fine back then, but which are totally unacceptable in today's world. Please view these instances in their context. Mushroom Escape does not in any way advocate the perpetuation of stereotypes or discrimination on any grounds. We want the Mushroom Escape experience to be an entertaining one, so if something we play really bothers you, please contact our operations manager at

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Program Schedule

Each day of programming is presented in a four-hour block, starting at 12:00 AM Eastern, and repeated a further five times throughout the following twenty-four-hour period. Following is the schedule for each day's show times.



Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMUnshackled!
12:30 AMFamily Theater
2:30 AMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)
4:00 AMUnshackled!
4:30 AMFamily Theater
6:30 AMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)
8:00 AMUnshackled!
8:30 AMFamily Theater
10:30 AMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)
12:00 PMUnshackled!
12:30 PMFamily Theater
2:30 PMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)
4:00 PMUnshackled!
4:30 PMFamily Theater
6:30 PMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)
8:00 PMUnshackled!
8:30 PMFamily Theater
10:30 PMSaturday Night Theatre (two episodes)


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
1:00 AMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
2:00 AMBeyond Our Ken
2:30 AMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
3:00 AMThe Lux Radio Theater
4:00 AMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
5:00 AMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
6:00 AMBeyond Our Ken
6:30 AMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
7:00 AMThe Lux Radio Theater
8:00 AMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
9:00 AMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
10:00 AMBeyond Our Ken
10:30 AMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
11:00 AMThe Lux Radio Theater
12:00 PMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
1:00 PMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
2:00 PMBeyond Our Ken
2:30 PMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
3:00 PMThe Lux Radio Theater
4:00 PMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
5:00 PMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
6:00 PMBeyond Our Ken
6:30 PMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
7:00 PMThe Lux Radio Theater
8:00 PMThe Dusty Attic with Ryan O.
9:00 PMCBS Radio Mystery Theater
10:00 PMBeyond Our Ken
10:30 PMThe Story of Dr. Kildare
11:00 PMThe Lux Radio Theater


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
12:30 AMDr. Sixgun
1:00 AMDad's Army
1:30 AMThis Is your FBI
2:00 AMMutual Radio Theater
2:45 AMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
3:00 AMOur Miss Brooks
3:30 AMFibber McGee and Molly
4:00 AMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
4:30 AMDr. Sixgun
5:00 AMDad's Army
5:30 AMThis Is your FBI
6:00 AMMutual Radio Theater
6:45 AMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
7:00 AMOur Miss Brooks
7:30 AMFibber McGee and Molly
8:00 AMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
8:30 AMDr. Sixgun
9:00 AMDad's Army
9:30 AMThis Is your FBI
10:00 AMMutual Radio Theater
10:45 AMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
11:00 AMOur Miss Brooks
11:30 AMFibber McGee and Molly
12:00 PMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
12:30 PMDr. Sixgun
1:00 PMDad's Army
1:30 PMThis Is your FBI
2:00 PMMutual Radio Theater
2:45 PMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
3:00 PMOur Miss Brooks
3:30 PMFibber McGee and Molly
4:00 PMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
4:30 PMDr. Sixgun
5:00 PMDad's Army
5:30 PMThis Is your FBI
6:00 PMMutual Radio Theater
6:45 PMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
7:00 PMOur Miss Brooks
7:30 PMFibber McGee and Molly
8:00 PMThe Phil Harriz/Alice Faye Show
8:30 PMDr. Sixgun
9:00 PMDad's Army
9:30 PMThis Is your FBI
10:00 PMMutual Radio Theater
10:45 PMYours Truly, Johnny Dollar
11:00 PMOur Miss Brooks
11:30 PMFibber McGee and Molly


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMThe Life of Riley
12:30 AMHave Gun – Will Travel
1:00 AMLife with the Lyons
1:30 AMRocky Jordan
2:00 AMYou Are There
2:30 AMSuspense
3:00 AMFather Knows Best
3:30 AMMurder at Midnight
4:00 AMThe Life of Riley
4:30 AMHave Gun – Will Travel
5:00 AMLife with the Lyons
5:30 AMRocky Jordan
6:00 AMYou Are There
6:30 AMSuspense
7:00 AMFather Knows Best
7:30 AMMurder at Midnight
8:00 AMThe Life of Riley
8:30 AMHave Gun – Will Travel
9:00 AMLife with the Lyons
9:30 AMRocky Jordan
10:00 AMYou Are There
10:30 AMSuspense
11:00 AMFather Knows Best
11:30 AMMurder at Midnight
12:00 PMThe Life of Riley
12:30 PMHave Gun – Will Travel
1:00 PMLife with the Lyons
1:30 PMRocky Jordan
2:00 PMYou Are There
2:30 PMSuspense
3:00 PMFather Knows Best
3:30 PMMurder at Midnight
4:00 PMThe Life of Riley
4:30 PMHave Gun – Will Travel
5:00 PMLife with the Lyons
5:30 PMRocky Jordan
6:00 PMYou Are There
6:30 PMSuspense
7:00 PMFather Knows Best
7:30 PMMurder at Midnight
8:00 PMThe Life of Riley
8:30 PMHave Gun – Will Travel
9:00 PMLife with the Lyons
9:30 PMRocky Jordan
10:00 PMYou Are There
10:30 PMSuspense
11:00 PMFather Knows Best
11:30 PMMurder at Midnight


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMAdventures By Morse
12:30 AMInner Sanctum Mystery
1:00 AMThe Goon Show
1:30 AMThe Great Gildersleeve
2:00 AMThe Price of Fear
2:30 AMEscape
3:00 AMLife with Luigi
3:30 AMX Minus One
4:00 AMAdventures By Morse
4:30 AMInner Sanctum Mystery
5:00 AMThe Goon Show
5:30 AMThe Great Gildersleeve
6:00 AMThe Price of Fear
6:30 AMEscape
7:00 AMLife with Luigi
7:30 AMX Minus One
8:00 AMAdventures By Morse
8:30 AMInner Sanctum Mystery
9:00 AMThe Goon Show
9:30 AMThe Great Gildersleeve
10:00 AMThe Price of Fear
10:30 AMEscape
11:00 AMLife with Luigi
11:30 AMX Minus One
12:00 PMAdventures By Morse
12:30 PMInner Sanctum Mystery
1:00 PMThe Goon Show
1:30 PMThe Great Gildersleeve
2:00 PMThe Price of Fear
2:30 PMEscape
3:00 PMLife with Luigi
3:30 PMX Minus One
4:00 PMAdventures By Morse
4:30 PMInner Sanctum Mystery
5:00 PMThe Goon Show
5:30 PMThe Great Gildersleeve
6:00 PMThe Price of Fear
6:30 PMEscape
7:00 PMLife with Luigi
7:30 PMX Minus One
8:00 PMAdventures By Morse
8:30 PMInner Sanctum Mystery
9:00 PMThe Goon Show
9:30 PMThe Great Gildersleeve
10:00 PMThe Price of Fear
10:30 PMEscape
11:00 PMLife with Luigi
11:30 PMX Minus One


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMDragnet
12:30 AMThe Jack Benny Program
1:00 AMLet George Do It
1:30 AMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
2:00 AMBoston Blackie
2:30 AM21st Precinct
3:00 AMBroadway is My Beat
3:30 AMThe Whistler
4:00 AMDragnet
4:30 AMThe Jack Benny Program
5:00 AMLet George Do It
5:30 AMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
6:00 AMBoston Blackie
6:30 AM21st Precinct
7:00 AMBroadway is My Beat
7:30 AMThe Whistler
8:00 AMDragnet
8:30 AMThe Jack Benny Program
9:00 AMLet George Do It
9:30 AMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
10:00 AMBoston Blackie
10:30 AM21st Precinct
11:00 AMBroadway is My Beat
11:30 AMThe Whistler
12:00 PMDragnet
12:30 PMThe Jack Benny Program
1:00 PMLet George Do It
1:30 PMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
2:00 PMBoston Blackie
2:30 PM21st Precinct
3:00 PMBroadway is My Beat
3:30 PMThe Whistler
4:00 PMDragnet
4:30 PMThe Jack Benny Program
5:00 PMLet George Do It
5:30 PMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
6:00 PMBoston Blackie
6:30 PM21st Precinct
7:00 PMBroadway is My Beat
7:30 PMThe Whistler
8:00 PMDragnet
8:30 PMThe Jack Benny Program
9:00 PMLet George Do It
9:30 PMThe New Adventures of Michael Shayne
10:00 PMBoston Blackie
10:30 PM21st Precinct
11:00 PMBroadway is My Beat
11:30 PMThe Whistler


Time (America/New_York)Show Title
12:00 AMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night
4:00 AMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night
8:00 AMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night
12:00 PMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night
4:00 PMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night
8:00 PMSaturday @ the Described Movies: Fort Apache and In The Heat of The Night