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The Big Day is Here this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, just when you think you've consumed your last green beer, and when your "kiss me, I'm Irish" button has been put away for the year, St. Patrick's Day is just getting started on Mushroom FM! That's right. On Sunday night at 8:00 PM, Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show, is going Irish in a big way! We'll be having lots of legendary Irish artists and artists from around the world who have been inspired by the Irish sound to make similar music themselves.

Come by the Hills is Back Again!

Yes, it's another week of Celtic music with all the features intact and everything! I figured I'd get a nice normal (as normal as it ever is anyway) show in before we pull out all the stops for St. Patrick's Day next week. So, lots of great music, features and all the informative and fun banter you've come to expect from Mushroom FM's best (well, only) Celtic Music show!

Catch us on Sunday night (tonight) at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight time, or on Friday morning after Jonathan Mosen's Daily Fibre!

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We're Going Welsh this Week on Come by the Hills!

It was St. David's Day on March 1, Wales's day to revel in its culture and to generally have a great time being Welsh. So, who are we to ignore this fact at Come by the Hills? Well, we, in fact, is me, and since I didn't ignore it, that means that you will be treated to three hours of absolutely awesome music from Wales and mostly in the Welsh language, or, yn Cymraeg. You will also be treated to my attempts to explain at least some of the songs and to pronounce their artists and titles correctly while using a thoroughly Amaerican screen-reader to read them.

It's a Loreena McKennitt Birthday extravaganza this Week on Come by the Hills!

Anyone who knows anything about me and my love for Celtic music will know that it all started when I heard the music of Canadian artist Loreena McKennitt back in my teens. If it hadn't been for her music, I likely would have enjoyed the Celtic music I heard, but would never have had the courage to try singing it for myself. I can't exactly say why this is, but it is. She was my doorway.

The Sara Hillis Show Gets a New Name!

It's still the same show: a great mix of music from the 50s through the 80s, and it's still on at the same time: noon and midnight Eastern from Monday to Friday, but it's getting a new name. As of this Monday, the Sara Hillis Show will be known simply as Sara Smiles. I've decided to stop taking myself so seriously and surrender to the truth that I do have a smiley sort of voice. So, don't worry if you hear a different promo or see a different title in the schedule. It's still me, only now, I'm officially smiling! And thanks to Hall and Oates, I even have a theme song! How exciting is this?

We're Featuring Love this Week on Come by the Hills!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up in a few days, I thought we'd devote this week's Come by the Hills to music about love. There will be songs about romance, seduction, and even marriage. We won't have any of our usual features this week, just lots of music in honour of Valentine's Day. So if you're feeling romantic, tune in on Sunday night after The Early Years or on Friday morning following The Daily Fibre!

More Celtic Music this Week on Come by the Hills!

Well, it's a new month and another weekend, and it's time once again for Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show! We'll have three hours of great folk music from hither and yon, and we'll have all our usual features as well. so, if you're keen for Celtic music this week, then join me on Sunday after The Early Years, or catch the replay on Friday morning after Jonathan's Daily Fibre!

Rough Guides and Smooth Grooves this Week on Come by the Hills!

Grooves? Well, alright, so I'm borrowing a bit from Paul Simon perhaps, but I think that Celtic music is groovy, so if you're tired of kicking down the cobble-stones and aren't getting anywhere talking to lamp-posts, and if you're looking for good solid folky fare, then tune in this week for Come by the Hills! I've recently purchased a few of the "Rough Guide" compilations and so have infused my Celtic collection with some interesting artists I have never heard before. We've got our usual features back again this week, and well, it'll just be a fun time, I tell you.


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