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AnthonyHorvath's blog

Coming up on Saturday at the Described Movies: Gaslight.

Only on Mushroom escape:
From this Saturday at 2am Eastern, and repeated every four hours throughout the day , it’s the described movie Gaslight from 1944.
Gaslight is an American mystery-thriller film, adapted from Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play Gas Light, about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane.
Directed by: George Cukor.
Produced by: Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Screenplay by: John Van Druten, Walter Reisch and John L. Balderston

Coming up on Saturday at the Described Movies: Good Morning, Vietnam.

From 2am Eastern on Saturday, and broadcast every four hours throughout the day, Good Morning, Vietnam.
Directed by Barry Levinson.
Produced by Larry Brezner and Mark Johnson.
Written by Mitch Markowitz.
Starring Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker.
Music by Alex North.
Cinematography Peter Sova.
Edited by Stu Linder.
Production company Touchstone Pictures.
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.
Release date December 23, 1987 limited release, January 15, 1988 wide release.
Running time 121 minutes.

Mushroom Escape: This week on Saturday At The Described Movies: Goodbye Mr. Chips.

Only, on Mushroom Escape:
First broadcast from 2am Eastern, then repeated on a four hour cycle throughout Saturday, you can tune in to this classic described movie.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a 1939 British romantic drama film directed by Sam Wood, and starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson.

Anthony Unleashed Returns!

Hi all, it’s been a while, but finally I’m back.
It’s the usual one hour of great Mushroom Memories from all four decades, but at a new time.
You can hear me every week day, from 10am Eastern repeating at 10pm Eastern.
If you’d like to contact me:
E-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or on Twitter: @kiwisnake
Hope you can tune into Anthony Unleashed, and see if I break anything!

Halloween in the Shed.

Okay, so it’s not quite Halloween yet,.
However, since I only open the Shed doors on Saturday, from 11pm Eastern, that’s 4pm Sunday in New Zealand, and 3am in the UK, I say we party like it’s Halloween already!
Four hours of spooky music to get the party started, or to make you hide under the bed covers.
We will be discussing all sorts of things relating to horror, and Halloween, just whatever pops into my freaky brain.
Brains, I love brains!
Sorry, I got carried away, no need to worry about me suddenly turning into a zombie midway through the show

It’s another week of Anthony Unleashed!

Where did the weekend go? They seem to go faster every week.
Never mind, I’m back with another weeks’ worth of Anthony Unleashed!
One hour of great Mushroom Memories, with plenty of rambles in between the music, and a special birthday on Thursday!
What else will happen?
Will New Zealand finally get a government?
Will I actually have a show where I don’t talk about the weather?
I have no clue, but if you tune in every week day at 2am Eastern, or at 2pm Eastern, we can all find out together!
Feel like sending in a wee tweet?

Anthony Unleashed, again!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!
Um, oops, sorry that’s just the fumes of the new coat of paint going to my head.
Okay, okay, I’ve calmed down now enough to tell you that Anthony, who is I, is unleashed on your Monday.
Not only that, but on your Tuesday, your Wednesday, your Thursday, and even your Friday!
How incredible is that!
When are you on I hear you say? Either with excitement or trepidation, I can’t quite tell…

Pink Floyd, In The Shed.

On 5 August, 1967 Pink Floyd’s first studio album, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn was released.
This makes it’s 50 years ago today.
So to celebrate this, from 11pm Eastern tonight, that’s 3pm Sunday in New Zealand and 4am Sunday in the UK, it’s a four-hour Pink Floyd show.
And because it’s a four hour show, I have a challenge for you.
Simply send me an e-mail with your favourite Pink Floyd song, and also album.
Hopefully, if we get enough responses, we can see what track/album is number one according to Mushroom FM listeners.

It’s Christmas Time in The Shed!

Yes that’s right, the decorations are up, and very soon four hours of Christmas music will be blasting live from The Shed.
From 11pm Eastern tonight, that’s 3pm Sunday in New Zealand and 4am in the UK, it’s Christmas in July.
Or should that be a mid-winter Christmas, or perhaps a mid-summer Christmas?
Either way it’s happening, so come along and join the fun.
To contact the show, simply e-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake
Looking forward to seeing ya, like real soon!

We’re going all 90’s in The Shed this Saturday night!

Were you a teenager like me, in the 1990’s?
Were you a child in the 1990’s that danced and sung to groups like the Spice Girls?
Did you have a group of friends, and you’d quietly sing songs in the style of Boys to men?
Perhaps you were in your 20’s or older, but loved the music for its variety such as trip-hop or grunge to name a couple?


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