Damo's All-Day Breakfast

Hi, my name is Damo, and I’m delighted to be back broadcasting on Mushroom FM after quite a long absence.

I broadcast from Brisbane Australia, and my show airs around Breakfast time in my time zone, however, it’s Friday afternoon for our listeners in the U.S. and Friday evening for those in the U.K. so I thought… “Why not, it’s the All-day Breakfast”.

About the Show
Being from Australia, my show will feature a number of songs and Artists from Australia and new Zealand, but certainly not to the exclusion of anything else, as I also love lots of other artists and bands from around the globe. I predominantly play music from the 60s to the end of the 80s, but in terms of style, I’ll play anything from Rock and Country, to Regae. Some songs you’ll know, but some you possibly won’t unless you’re familiar with Aussie and Kiwi music.

I love food, and cooking, particularly outdoors, so from time to time I’ll feature a recipe, or a review of a new cooking gadget. I’m also into technology, and Ham Radio, so I may feature the odd tech toy review too.

I love to chat, that’s part of the reason I love radio, so I will sometimes have a guest co-host or someone to interview on the show.

Most of all though, I love to hear from you, find out what you’re up to, and how you’re starting off your weekend.
Getting in touch
If you’d like to get in touch during the show, either to make a request, or just to say g’day, you can
Send me an email
Or tweet @DamoOnAir.

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