Alan Nicklin's Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to the home of Guilty Pleasures on Mushroom FM.

Broadcast from the UK, Guilty Pleasures is a weekly 2 hour radio show that plays some of those songs you don't hear on UK radio very often & others that will make you turn up
the radio they are so good. Each week Guilty Pleasures plays a mix of big hit songs that sound great on the radio, some you probably haven't heard on the
radio for a while, and a few that were hits in other countries like America, Australia or Canada.

There are thousands of great songs out there that get little or no airplay, but now you can hear them again on Guilty Pleasures.

You can hear the show twice on the home of the fun guys. It airs first on Mondays at 1 Pm Eastern time, that's 6 PM UK. It repeats on Thursday at Midnight Eastern time, 5 AM UK, making it a good time for those in the southern hemisphere to hear the show.

Crank it up for Guilty Pleasure here on Mushroom FM.