Anne's Lazy Sunday with Anne Cosgrove

About Me

I’m Anne Cosgrove from Lisburn in Northern Ireland! It is wonderful to be broadcasting on Mushroom FM once again after a wee break! You may remember my previous shows, “Irish Mist”, “The Zone”, “Only the 80s” and “Anne’s Lazy Sunday”. I am delighted to say, you can join me on “Anne’s Lazy Sunday” for two hours every week at 4pm eastern, 9 pm in the UK

About the Show

It’s the only day of the week where you can completely relax. Our lives are so busy now-a-days and by the time Sunday comes around, it is lovely to just put your feet up and just be lazy!

The show is packed with plenty of great music and other features which include:

  • Quiz on Sunday – I ask you one question and the first listener to contact me with the correct answer will get to select the opening track for the following week’s show
  • Bargain Bucket B-Sides – I will play two of these throughout the show. There were definitely a lot of singles purchased where you would discover that the B-side was far better than the hit
  • The Charts – Like many of us, I always listened to the UK Top 40 on a Sunday! In the second hour of the show, I will compare the top three singles in the UK and the US Billboard Chart in a particular year.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to contact me, you can either send me an email,
anne at
Or send me a wee Tweet,
@Irish_2009 and remember to use the MushroomFM Hashtag, #MushroomFM