Getting Manly on Funny Fridays

This week on Funny Fridays, in our second hour we will examine the theme of manliness: being manly, doing stereotypically manly things, sometimes trying to be manly and not succeeding. Power tools, hunting, wrestling, and many other things will be explored.

In the first hour, just about anything goes. We'll have all sorts of great comedy for you. And in the last half hour of the show, we'll be airing episode 3 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Fans of the radio series will know that, for all CD releases to date, a scene was cut from this episode due to royalty issues. Well, guess what? I have restored this scene, so you'll be hearing the full episode on Funny Fridays.

So please join me, Bruce Toews, for Funny Fridays. It airs Friday evening from 9 PM until midnight Eastern time, and gets replayed as Silly Sundays, Sunday mornings at 5:00 AM. So please start your weekend with a laugh on the Home of the Fun Guys.