It's “Greek Week” on Woofman’s World Music, with some Arab blues and Basque percussion

This time, it’s “Greek Week” on Woofman’s World Music, with some Arab blues and Basque percussion, just for variety.

Last week we introduced you to a great Turkish pop singer named Sertab Erener. This week, just for comparison, you can boogie to her smash European hit that’s, like, totally English.

Next, we have a great female Greek vocalist who has been described as “the Greek answer to Jefferson Airplane”. Her name is Kristi Stassinopoulou.

After presenting several Greek artists, or Turks, or Kurds that sing in Greek, we hear from a Western Saharan artist named Aziz Brahim, as she gives beautiful voice to a traditional tune. No wonder she ultimately ended up on stage with other musicians from all over the world, as you’ll here in the next track – a performance with two different types of throat singers along with percussionists from the Basque country. One can be fairly certain that all of these sounds have never before been brought together in a single recording.

So, just for contrast, the next song is from the Basque group performing one of their own tunes with a totally different take on Celtic sound, again enhanced by their very original percussion instruments.

We close out by discovering yet another wonderful synthesis where the Arabic Oud meets a kind of modern north African blues. And just to top it all off, we’ll see what happens when traditional Ukrainian folk singing turns punk rock.

So tune in and check it out. This will be the final episode in this first season of the show, but don’t worry! We’ll be back with a new way of producing the show, and all new music as a result. So, we will give you lots of notice as to our return, and look forward to seeing you again soon.