Linda Ronstadt's our featured artist this week, on another epic Mosen Explosion

I’m back for yet another four hours of epic music, epic conversation, and epic interaction on this week’s epic Mosen Explosion.

Sadly, this week, I lost something of epic importance to me, my thesaurus.

Still, we soldier on, and we note that Linda Ronstadt was born on this day in 1946. So she’s our featured artist on this week’s show. Got any requests for a Linda song? She’s done so many epic ones! You can get them in via all the usual methods.

It’s not all Linda though, there is music from a wide range of artists, the epic Bonnie is here with her bulletin, and we’ll take a look at this day in history as well as talking about whatever comes up in our meanderings.

I hope you’ll join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK on Sunday, for another Mosen Explosion. I promise you this, it will be epic, and only on