The Mosen Explosion. I write the songs that make the whole world...switch off

Looks like we made it to another Mosen Explosion. I haven’t been alive forever, but Barry Manilow’s closer to it than me because he is blowing out 72 candles today. That’s why he’s our featured artist on this week’s jolly old Mosen Explosion.

For a while there, and perhaps even now, it was trendy to hate on Barry Manilow, and I never figured out why that was. He’s a great pianist, vocalist and performer, and I’ll be delighted to play any Barry requests you may have.

Also, there sort of was a sale on this week, and it was sort of serendipitous, and I sort of ended up walking out of the store with a very major new tech purchase. I’ll give you all the details on the show, as this will be the last Mosen Explosion with the current gear. Oops.

We’ll take a look at this day in history, Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, and there’ll be plenty of room for your interaction.

It’s four fun hours of Mosen Explosion coming at you right after Darren and before Steve, at 2 Pm Eastern time, 7 PM UK, only on the epic Mushroom FM.