Waves Over the Sea Travels the Globe

Hello there listeners. Sabrina here from Kerry in Ireland. Just thought I’d drop you a wee sorry small (what’s happening to my words these days!) note to tell you about this week’s Waves Over the Sea with Gordon on Friday at 4 pm Eastern (that's 9 pm in Edinburgh and Dublin) repeated on Sunday at 1 am Eastern (that's 6 am where we are).

I'm really enjoying myself here on MushroomFM chatting with all you lovely listeners, getting to know my fellow FunGuys and even learning a few new words from Mr Luke during the shows! And hey this week - trying my hand at a blog post. I’ve been given the recipe by Gordon but I just don’t think I can do the innuendoes he manages.

Anyway to the show this week. The idea came to me during our love show last week whilst listening to a superb track , from that most Irish of all time epic bands U2. (They’ve got nothing even close to them in Scotland you know!!!)

Have you ever noticed that some tracks transport you to other parts of the world. It may be just a word or phrase, perhaps just a mood, a feeling, a tone or more simply, the song is dedicated to that place or region. Well I thought we could feature some tracks like that and transport you round the globe. It could be a favourite place in the world that you like to go or one that you wish to go or more simply - it might be home. No passing reference is too obscure for us - just let us know why it reminds you of that location and we’ll get it on for you. We’ve dug through our collections and even Mr Luke has put some effort into finding Scottish place songs and what's even more amazing one or two of them aren’t half bad either!!!

So to get in touch with us with your requests and dedications either message me @sab_mc or e-mail sabrina@mushroomfm.com or if you prefer an older, but more forgetful hand at this broadcasting lark tweet @gordonluke or e-mail gordon@mushroomfm.com

We'll have all your usual features including the double Irish, double Scotch, TV round up and I may even be allowed to talk about sport once again!

So until Friday or Sunday keep dreaming of foreign (or not so foreign) parts!

We'll be looking for you!