The Annual Weird Al Special Returns

This is Bruce Toews, host of Funny Fridays here on Mushroom FM. One of the things I have done for many years now is to host an annual Weird Al Yankovic special around this time of year, every year. That's why we call it annual, you see, we're clever that way here at the station. Anyway, 2017 will not be an exception when it comes to the Weird Al special.

This year, the special will air on Saturday, September 16th, between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, just before the Snowman drops by with his great program. During the Weird Al special, I plan to play a whole bunch of your favorite Weird Al songs, and maybe even a few you haven't heard before. I'll also take your requests! You can e-mail your request to bruce at MushroomFM dot com. Or, during the show, you can also tweet the request to @FunguyBruce on Twitter. Either way, I will do my best to play your request on the air. It's only a two hour show, so we may play only one or two of Weird Al's really long songs.

So get those requests in. The more input from you, the better the output from me. But even if you don't have a request, I hope you'll tune in anyway on Saturday, September 16, between 6:00 and 8:00 PM Eastern, for the Weird Al Special, only on the Home of the Fun Guys, Mushroom FM!