On The Mosen Explosion, you say you want a resolution?

Whereas, Mushroom FM is an Internet radio station providing content primarily featuring music from the 1950s through to the 1980s; and

Whereas, individuals presenting radio shows on the station are colloquially known as “fun guys”; and

Whereas, the quality of the presentations of all but one of the “fun guys” is favourably commented upon by many; and

Whereas, due to an apparent shortage of staff available to maintain Mushroom FM’s usual high standard, Mushroom FM Seemingly feels compelled to air a radio show on a Sunday at 2 PM Eastern daylight time, which equates to 7 PM summer time in the United Kingdom, known as The Mosen Explosion; and

Whereas, the show’s presenter, whose name is not known to us, seeks to improve the dire standard of the show by being openly solicitous of listener contributions, now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the New Zealand Federation of the Blond in a post this 16th day of July 2017 in the city of Wellington, New Zealand, that this organisation condemn and deplore how jolly difficult it is to get decent staff these days; and

Be it further resolved that we encourage all members to take remedial action by establishing communication with the Mosen Explosion via email, the social network known as Twitter, or via telephonic apparatus, in order to make the show at least a little palatable.

Mr president, the Committee recommends a do not pass up The Mosen Explosion. It’s fun.

The Mosen explosion. Hear the songs you want.