Mel's Place

Hello and welcome to the new home of Mel's Place, my weekly radio show featuring great music of the 80's (everything from hair bands to country, think Whitesnake to Alabama). I won't say Mel's Place will always be a tour of the 80's - oh no, I'm rediscovering my love of the 60's these days as well.

One thing you'll learn about me PDQ is that I am a talker. I never meet a stranger and that extends to the radio as well. I have this idea about my show: it's like you've just come to my house and we're sitting in my kitchen, chatting over a cup of coffee or tea. We talk about what's happening in the world, our horoscopes, recipes, trends, birthdays, celebrity name it. The feeling is just a couple of friends hanging out and enjoying ourselves and we happen to be listening to some great music in the background. Do you feel me?

I absolutely love to hear from you, so send me a tweet, find me on HeyTell or Zello, or even shoot me an email. On Twitter you will find me as meltweets418 and you can email me using Mel at mushroomfm dot com. If you want to connect on Zello, find me as melanie418. I especially love to chat during my show so we can both laugh at my blunders and silliness or just reminisce about the good ole days. Whatever the case may be, I'd love to know you're listening!

A little about Me...
I'm a happily married mom of two kids and I was born and raised (and still live) in Louisville, Kentucky. I love to laugh - every day. I never meet a stranger and you can find me talking to "new friends" in the grocery store or at a community event all the time, just ask my husband. I have a passionate love affair with yarn. I crochet and knit and want all the yarn, every last bit of it. I dream of having a house full of yarn, but for now I'll be happy with my very own yarn room! I have a crochet business called Stitch To My Lou Designs and you can check it out on my facebook page by the same name. I have recently begun doing some work in the field of audiobook narration and voice over, both of which I enjoy so much. I have an undergraduate degree in Communication and a graduate degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Communication. Last, but definitely not least, I enjoy managing the social media for my church. That's probably more than you wanted to know, but I did say I like to talk (I guess you could say that carries over to typing as well!)

I sure hope you'll tune in to Mel's Place on Friday afternoons from 4-6 PM and let me know you're there so I can give you a virtual hug or high five!