A Cuppa at the Mosens

Welcome to a cuppa at the Mosens, with Bonnie and Jonathan Mosen, or Jonathan and Bonnie Mosen depending on which of us you ask.

One thing anyone who visits the Mosens will tell you is that we both love a good conversation. That’s why we decided to put this global call-in show together, which goes live to air here on Mushroom FM at 7 PM Eastern US time on Thursdays. If you're not sure when that is where you are, remember that the Mushroom FM Schedule page usually displays our schedule in your local time zone.

Both of us can chat away to each other, but we’d like it even more if you joined in the conversation.

When you join us for a cuppa at the Mosens, you might hear a serious conversation about political or blindness issues. At other times, we’ll be in a more light-hearted frame of mind. And it could be your call that sets the tone for this week’s show. Sometimes, we’ll even ask a guest to join us.

Everyone gets a respectful, fair hearing with time to share their views, and we welcome a diversity of opinions.

How to call in

Zoom into the show

Calling in is free and easy anywhere in the world using your computer or smartphone and the Zoom Cloud Meetings app. Because of the awesome audio quality, it's our favourite option, and we're sure you'll love it too.

Talk to the show by choosing this link, works with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Never used Zoom before? Let us clue you in. Zoom is a popular and highly accessible app which will allow you to participate in an increasing number of webinars and forums. Basic use is completely free, and it's simple to use. So even if this is your first time with Zoom, it will open up opportunities for you to participate in a whole bunch of stuff.

If you haven't installed Zoom before, then just by choosing the above link, you'll be talked through getting connected for the computer or smartphone platform you're using. However, we recommend installing and running the appropriate app ahead of time, and configuring it to your liking.

If you've not changed Zoom's defaults, be sure to activate the "Join audio" button right after you connect to the meeting, so you can hear us and we can hear you. This can be configured in Settings to happen automatically. You'll know it's all working correctly because you'll hear the show while you're waiting to talk.

Also if you're on a smartphone, the first time you use the Zoom app, be sure to grant all the permissions Zoom is asking for, especially access to the microphone.

Want an audio walk-through of how to use the basic Zoom features? Listen to Jonathan's audio demo, it runs about 20 minutes.

Phone us

Using the Zoom apps is totally free and give great audio quality. But if it all just seems too daunting or you don't have a supported device, don't worry, we still want to hear from you. Calling in requires calling a phone number then keying in a meeting ID.

Note that if you have a smartphone and don't want to use the Zoom app, by far the easiest way to phone in is to visit this Cuppa page on your phone, and activate the link for your country's phone number. We've set each phone number up so it automatically enters the meeting ID for you, meaning all you have to do is double-tap the phone number, and you'll be connected without any fuss.

If you aren't calling using a smartphone, note that the numbers are structured with the phone number listed first, two commas, then the meeting ID you need to dial when prompted.

Here's the list of numbers. If a number for your country isn't included, please contact us.

The list is in alphabetical order

  • Australia: +61280152088,,251953178#
  • Canada: +16475580588,,251953178#
  • Germany: +493030806188,,251953178#
  • Ireland: +35316917488,,251953178#
  • Japan: +81345781488,,251953178#
  • New Zealand: +6498011188,,251953178#
  • South Africa: +27875517702,,251953178#
  • UK: +442036950088,,251953178#
  • USA. +14086380968,,251953178#

We look forward to you joining the conversation here on a cuppa at the Mosens, 7 PM Eastern on Thursdays.