Holiday Countdown and Christmas Party 2019

The holidays are all about traditions and rituals. Turkey, mistletoe, Santa and more. Once again, it's time to prepare for one such special tradition.

The Mushroom FM Holiday Countdown and Christmas party is back yet again for 2019, where we're making a list, checking it twice, and presenting a 10-hour extravaganza of the top 100 holiday songs as determined by our listeners.

Will 2018's number one Christmas song, "A Maori Christmas", reign supreme once again? Or will there be a new Christmas number one to knock Billy T. James off his perch?

The holidays are hectic, so mark the date in your calendar now. Sunday 22nd December 2019 - from 9 am Eastern, (that's 2 pm in the UK).

How to Vote and Join the Party

Further down on this page, you can cast votes for your top 10 holiday songs of all time. People's preferences change from year-to-year, so if you've voted in previous years, just feel free to rank those songs that seem special to you at the moment. Be assured that absolutely every vote counts, as long as you vote before votes close at midnight Eastern time on Friday, 20 December. The choices you make will be entered into our database, and an algorithm will tabulate the data collected from all voters to arrive at the most popular 100 songs.

As you know, Mushroom FM's speciality is bringing you music from the magic decades of the 50s through to the 80s. But when it comes to our holiday countdown, you're not constrained by any decade or genre. So whether it's something from 1819 or 2019, you're welcome to vote for it.

When you vote and provide us with a valid email address, you'll be sent an invitation to the Mushroom FM Christmas party, which takes place while we play the top 100 songs on Mushroom FM. You'll be assigned a seat at one of our Christmas tables at the party. Before the big day, we'll publish a seating chart, so you can see who you're sitting with. Maybe you might like to make a special effort to chat with your table-mates via social media. Santa's elves will be awarding Christmas crackers to the tables of those who enter into the Christmas spirit. Will you help to get your table to the top of the score board?

Cast Your Vote Now

Have your say and earn an invitation to our Christmas party by telling us your top 10 favourite holiday tunes. Voting closes at midnight Eastern on 20 December. Just like any music countdown, ranking something as number 1 means it's your favourite song. For your vote to be accepted and counted by our system, please nominate a song for all 10 positions.

In each position, either type your song and artist in the box, or select from our list of suggestions.

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Now we'd like some details about you, so we can send you your invitation to our Christmas party.

We need to ensure that you're a human being and not some computer who wants to rig this vote and force us to play the complete Mrs Millars guide to Christmas singing or Snow Patrol's White Christmas special edition single or some other seriously bad soup like that. Thus we need you to answer the question below. Sorry about this but it's unfortunately one of the bad things about this internet era in which we live.