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It's a cavalcade of craziness on The Mushroom Munch Whacky Wednesday!

Join Jeff Molzow as he shares some amazingly strange stories on Wednesday's Mushroom Munch. You really can't make this stuff up, so they must be true. We've got stories about horsing around under the influence, A sweet Christmas gift that you have to pay for with your roof, the gaming nerds who have taken over twitter and even a non-holiday story about a real nut cracker, and so much more. And, we've even got a story about another way you can enjoy KFC's 11 herbs and spices, but you'll have to go to Japan to experience it... if you really want to...

It's an incredibly noisy rock and roll Twin Spin Tuesday on the Mushroom Munch!

Jeff seems to have gone wackier than normal. He went ranting and raging through the Mushroom music library saying he must have, needed to have, absolutely had to have some rock music or he was going to go crazy. And in Jeff's case, that's a very short trip. He was bending guitar strings, boarding keys and skinning drums. The only way we could calm him down was to tell him he could play double helpings of rock and roll on this Tuesday's twin Spin, and then we gave him some love beads and let him sit quietly in the corner.

The Mushroom Munch Is Back!!

No, it's NOT another encore presentation. Join Jeff Molzow as he broadcasts the first Mushroom Munch show from our newly refurbished super shiny studios. Jeff's just champing at the bit to play with all of his new toys, so you need to tune in to see if all of our hard work was worth it, or if Jeff has just been smelling to much soldering compound. Does it sound better?? we'll let you be the judge. It all happens Monday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock.

Mushroom Munch still on Hiatus, but Whacky Wednesday still prevails!

We have been hard at work this Thanks Giving week setting up our Cedar Park studios ready for some new and exciting live shows. While we are finalizing our studio upgrades and preparing this exciting news for later next month, Join Jeff Molzow for an encore presentation of The Mushroom Munch Whacky Wednesday show from October 18th. Some of these stories were so funny the first time, we couldn't resist sharing them again. Don't worry, your favorite Mushroomie treat will be back in force on Monday.

It's a flashback to pay it forward on Monday's Mushroom Munch!

We've been undergoing some major upgrades in our Cedar Park studios this weekend, and sadly, "Murphy" has played a major role in these changes, and they are not quite finished. But, worry not, you won't miss your favorite Mushroomie treat, because you will get a 2nd helping of one of our favorite shows. Join Jeff Molzow as we flash back to one of our favorite encore presentations - Pay It Forward. We've got some great stories about how much joy we can bring into people's lives, some of them total strangers, with just some random acts of kindness.

We're going to the Gold Coast on Friday's edition of The Mushroom Munch!

Join Jeff Molzow for the Feature Friday edition of The Mushroom Munch. During our first hour, we'll be featuring the music of the band Chicago, and during the 2nd hour, we'll be counting down the musical hits that were topping the charts this week in 1979. It's going to be a music packed show, and it all happens Friday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock, so don't miss it!!

Get stuffed on the Mushroom Munch!

while you're thinking about Thanksgiving next Thursday, join Jeff Molzow for the Trivial Thursday edition of the Mushroom Munch this week, when we'll be talking turkey trivia. We're going to try and find out why we love to consume more than 45 million turkeys at Thanksgiving alone, and along the way we'll be discovering some tasty little tidbits about what makes those turkeys tick and taste so good! It all happens on Thursday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock. And, of course we'll have lots of side dishes of musical memories from our four decades of mushroomie tunes.

The animals are running amuck on the Mushroom Munch!

Join Jeff Molzow for the Whacky Wednesday edition of the Mushroom Munch, where we'll be sharing some crazy stories about misbehaving animals. We've got everything from trouble making seals to avian car vandals. Oh yes, and we've got some silly, and somewhat disturbing, stories about the human animal as well including incompetent criminals and someone who is definitely not going to get the mother of the year award. And, of course, we've got that great music from our four decades of magical musical mushroomie memories.

Celebrate our soldiers on the Monday Mushroom Munch!

Join Jeff Molzow as, in honor of vetrins Day in the United States, he breaks our mushroomie format, just a little bit, and plays music that celebrates our soldiers, past and present, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We've got music that speaks about the life of a soldier, and that of those who wait for them here at home. Jeff was motivated to do this show, even a bit late, because both of his sons have served and one of whom is still serving in the United States Army. He's hand picked the music for this show, all of which is sure to hit an emotional chord.

Get sweet on the Mushroom Munch!

There's nothing like the face of a kid who joins Jeff Molzow for the Trivial Thursday edition of the Mushroom Munch, when we will discover some tasty, but little known, facts about candy. Have you ever wanted to know where the M in m&m candies comes from, where Ronald Regan got his love for Jelly Beans, and how many Skittles it takes to ride the rainbow all the way to the moon? All of these questions will be answered and more, and we'll even debunk some sticky candy myths.


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