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Come Sail Away on The Mushroom Munch Feature Friday!

Join Jeff Molzow for the Feature Friday edition of the Mushroom Munch, as we play some of the greatest music from the Band Styx during the first hour. We'll have something from all of their 4 tripple platinum albums and many of their more than 16 top 40 hits. During the second hour, we'll be exploring the Billboard chart from this week in 1984. The Feature Friday Mushroom Munch is on from 9 to 11 (Eastern), both AM and PM, on Friday and every weekday. So join us, It'll be a great way to start your weekend!

We're playing trivial games on Thursday's Mushroom Munch!

Join Jeff Molzow and the Mushroom Munch for Trivial Thursday when we will be exploring some silly game show trivia. We've got some unknown facts about some of your favorite game shows and stuff about game shows you may not have heard of and for very good reason. Of course, that's in addition to all of your favorite Mushroomie memories. You don't want to miss it! Tune in on Thursday and every weekday from 9 to 11, on both sides of the clock, only on MushroomFM.

Things are even wackier than normal on the Mushroom Munch on Wednesday!

Join Jeff Molzow for Wednesday's Mushroom munch as we have 6 of the craziest stories that even we have ever seen. We've got tales of a sad little mermaid, octogenarians reaching restaurant life goals, a phantom yard pooper, and a man who thought he was superman, because he wore his underwear. And speaking of underwear, wait until we share what we found out about Adolph Hitler's... You don't want to miss it! It's all happening on Wednesday's Mushroom Munch along with the greatest music from the last four decades.

Make your Friday the 13th lucky by listening to the Mushroom Munch!

Join Jeff Molzow for the Feature Friday the 13th edition of the Mushroom munch. Broadcast exclusively on MushroomFM. During the 1st hour, we will be featuring the words and music of Tom Petty. and during the 2nd hour, we'll take the musical time machine back to the year 1974. So stay away from tall ladders and black cats, and get lucky by listening to the Mushroom Munch between 9 and 11 AM and PM (Eastern)

Listening to the Mushroom Munch can make you smarter

Join Jeff Molzow for Trivial Thursday tomorrow from 9:00 to 11:00 Eastern (Both AM and PM). as we explore some crazy trivia about the human brain. Did you know that there is a measureable brain difference between IPhone users and Android users? And, over 60% of our brain is made of fat, so maybe that extra bag of chips or candy bar might be OK... or maybe not. So put your gray matter to work and let's probe that 3 pounds of spaghetti between our ears together. And of course, we'll have those four decades of magical musical Mushroomie memories.

The Mushroom Munch goes tropical

Join Jeff Molzow and the Mushroom munch this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as he broadcast on location from the gulf coast of Florida. He's setting up the mobile mushroom broadcast facility "Pool Side" and will be trying not to electrocute himself as he sucks up all the frozen beverages and sunshine he can get. On Wednesday, learn all about the adventures of the world's worst super hero, Florida Man. On Thursday, you'll discover how to do Florida on the cheap and not have to fork over all your hard earned cheese to a certain mouse in Orlando.

Wednesday's Morning Munch Gets Powerball Fever

With more than $700 million at steak, in the U.S. Powerball lottery game, Wednesday's Morning munch is going Powerball crazy!! We'll tell you how it works, what you can win, what happens if you win, what you should do if you win, and your actual chances of winning. And of course we'll be playing lots of musical memories from the last four decades, especially songs about MONEY!!! Join us tomorrow morning from 9:00 AM to 10: AM (Eastern time), and catch the fever.

Start your morning off right with the NEW! Mushroom Morning Munch!

It's a new day, a new show, and yes, even a new Fun Guy! Come join me, Jeff Molzow for the new Mushroom Morning Munch every weekday morning beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00 Eastern. Presented to you hot and fresh each day, the morning munch is an upbeat combination of magical mushroom memories from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's with just a little country flavoring thrown in for good measure. We'll have trivia, history, lots of musical notes, and of course interaction with you the listener.


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