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Come drown your sorrows at the Mushroom Cap Lounge

Be prepared! The show starts at 8pm eastern tonight! Bring your waders! P.S. you can also reach us on twitter at #mushroomfm or #mushroomcaplounge and ask for dedications or shout outs! ... or even razz Don and Jeff, but be prepared as to what you get back! Anything reflected in this mirror is not of actual size and batteries are NOT included!!

It’s a preemptive Pony Party at the Mushroom Cap Lounge!

Hey fellow webcast listeners!! The show tonight at 8pm will be preempted by “The Mushroom Cap Lounge!" Our regularly scheduled show will return on Saturday morning, the 31st, at 4am. The Mushroom Cap Lounge is just full of fun and will be counting down the top 15 songs of the year 1970 in the last hour! There will be balloons, noise makers, streamers, clowns, pony rides ... pony rides? Really, Hey I'm going too! ... oh yeah, remember shoes and shirts required ........ NOT!!! ... Come join them and kick back take your shoes off .... ummm, maybe ... and enjoy! They will be too!

Join the sudsy silliness that is the Mushroom Cap Lounge!

Join Jeff Molzow and Don Delorme as they open the doors and put the saw dust down, for the general whackyness that is the Mushroom Cap Lounge tonight from 8 to 11. During our first hour, we’ll discover self defense for cows and a transit system that understands the need for luxury for at least some of its facilities. During the second hour we’ll find out some little trivial facts about March that you may not be aware of and a very unusual way to dry your laundry. Finally, during our third hour, we’ll be counting down the top 15 songs from 1974.

The lights are on at the Mushroom Cap Lounge!

Come join Jeff Molzow and Don Delorme tonight (Friday) as we finally open the doors at the Mushroom Cap Lounge. All the paint has dried, the chairs are down and the kegs are tapped. OK, more truthfully, we think we’ve overcome all our technical issues and most of the fires appear to be out. Come share in the Friday night fun that is always the Mushroom Cap Lounge. In our first hour, if you think you’ve got household repair problems, you might want to think twice about having your plumbing “Snaked” and we’ll find out what happens when Disney loses its head.

No Mushroom Cap Lounge tonight!

Unfortunately, we are still cleaning and painting here at the Mushroom Cap Lounge and the paint fumes are so strong... OK, we're still suffering through some digital disaster recovery here, so we have no way of producing the zainyness that is the Mushroom Cap Lounge tonight. Instead, we'll be running a replay of the Mushroom Munch. We look forward to opening our doors once again next Friday night, after we get done unpainting ourselves in a corner. We look forward to your patronage then.

No Mushroom Munch Today

Due to circumstances, way beyond our control, the Mushroom Munch will not be broadcast today. However, we will of course have some great musical memories to share with you, and hopefully will be back at our regular broadcast time tomorrow.

The lights are on at the Mushroom Cap Lounge!

Join Jeff Molzow and Don Delorme TONIGHT! for the Mushroom Cap Lounge broadcast exclusively on #mushroomfm. In our first hour, we'll share a story about an over eager eating champion, along with some interesting facts from this week in history. During our second hour, we'll have a couple of movie reviews including Commuter and Unstoppable. You might even say that we are well trained for this... And during our 3rd hour, we'll be counting down the music from the year 1969. Of course, we'll be serving up the best music from the 50's 60's and 70's, along with some silly novelty tunes.

Join the fun at the Mushroom Cap Lounge TONIGHT!

Come share in the premier opening of the Mushroom Cap Lounge tonight (Friday from 8 to 11 (Eastern). Co-hosts Jeff Molzow and Don Delorme, your proprietors and masters of silliness, will present an evening of music, skits, games and weird news stories. In our first hour, find out all about this new exciting place to hang out and see whether or not Jeff and Don will ever make good astronauts. During our second hour, we’ll explore some interesting facts about our feature year, 1965, and see whether or not Jeff can stump Don over some trivial telephonic facts.

The Mushroom Munch is Back!

Join Jeff Molzow as we relaunch the Mushroom Munch on Monday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock. We’ve finally recovered from our digital disaster and are once again ready, to bring you your favorite Mushroomie treat. Santa was very good to Jeff this year and The Munch is coming to you from an almost brand-new studio. All the racks are closed, the fires are out, the power is empowering, the digits are digitizing, and the host is about to lose his mind to be back on the air.

We're painting the town green on Friday's Mushroom Munch!

Start your weekend off right and join Jeff Molzow for the Feature Friday edition of the Mushroom Munch. As, during our first hour, we feature the music of The celtic fusion band, The Corrs. During our 2nd hour, we'll be counting down the hits that were topping the charts this week in 1972. But the most exciting part is, as promised, we have some big news about a new "Live" show coming to MushroomFM. Let's face it, you'll be green with envy if you miss this show. It all happens Friday from 9 to 11 (Eastern) on both sides of the clock.


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